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Preparing for Kingdom Living

Biblical Studies 

Kingdom Life University's focus is Biblical Studies.  A right foundation is vital in the building blocks for life and life's purpose.
A distinction of KLU is the foundation of God's word hidden in the heart relating to the Kingdom of God.  Students take a course on

every book of the New Testament, chapter by chapter. Students write their own "Living Commentary" of the  entire New Testament along
with other additional courses in the Old Testament.

Biblical Science

The Department of Biblical & Bio Science believes the secrets of the universe are hidden in Christ and
come by revelation from God. This opens a world of discovery beyond human understanding.  The
Apostle Paul refers to this in Colossians 1:9 "That you may be filled with the knowledge (epi knosis - super knowledge) of
His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding."  The department of Biblical & Bio Science includes a
division of research and development.  Along with health & science studies, students can assist in this research.

Kingdom Business

The Department of Kingdom Business offers courses, mentoring and developing your business skills. Business
students are taking the kingdom into the marketplace in a major way today.  Men and women are
trained and equipped in how the kingdom functions in the marketplace.

Kingdom Health 

KLU believes the health of believers is important in fulfilling their destiny.  With courses on biblical
health by Dr's Jeffrey and Andrea Hazim, as well as Health Nutritionists Dr. Kathy Parslow, students will
learn life changing knowlege in good nutrition and healthy life style.  The science department is also discovering
new products and distributing them through KLU's

Missions & Evangelism

KLU has campuses in over 20 nations with over 70 National directors. Missions has always been a vital part
of Kingdom Life University. Students can take short term mission trips as well as train online with
KLU while serving in a mission.  Evangelism courses include the best tools for witnessing and reaching

your community for Christ. There is also training in deliverance and healing.  


Aviation plays an important part in world missions and kingdom business mobilization.  KLU has linked with the
Cessna Flight centers available in almost every FBO (fixed base operator) in most small airports
across America. You can train for your pilots license while taking your biblical study courses.  



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