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Host An Online Campus
(Now Opening Accredited Campuses World-Wide)


KINGDOM LIFE UNIVERSITY offers churches, businesses & home groups the opportunity to host an accredited degree online University for your people, offering quality Kingdom courses.  The program is simple, effective, and requires little of your time.  Your students register online at, set up their tuition payment plan, and receive their login to MY STUDENT PORTAL for their video courses, materials, forms, tests, and transcript.   We totally administrate the program. We help you present your KLU opportunity by providing you the promotional materials and videos.  All courses are HD-quality video courses.  The KLU curriculum exalts the Word and will bring true discipleship for developing leaders for your church.  We are here to support you, the leader, and bring your people kingdom truth for life and ministry.






Students study the Word systematically and earn transferrable college credits. 
Kingdom Life University is accredited with Transworld Accrediting Commission International, 
with over 1,100 Christian colleges and universities


Host A Mission Non-Degree Campus


Equipping for Kingdom Life & Ministry


KINGDOM LIFE UNIVERSITY offers Nationals the opportunity to host an International Campus with systematic Bible study through anointed audio teachings.  The Bible lessons are for the purpose of raising up Nationals to reach those who have never heard the Gospel and for training pastors to disciple new converts in their nation.  The Missions program offers certificate and diploma studies, at no cost to you or the students.  It is funded by Action Evangelism.  The Missions program is non-accredited.  

If you have students who want to earn their degree, apply to to register and set up their tuition plan, noting you as their Director.   We administrate all degree studies online.  The degree program is a pay program.  Students will pay their application fee and set up their monthly tuition online, using PayPal or a credit card.  The courses are online, by video, as well as the tests.  When they are ready to graduate, they let their Director know and may attend the graduation you are planning.  We send their degree to you to bestow to them at graduation.  The degree program is administrated online by KLU Admin and is accredited.  

KLU does not fund the purchase of land or building programs, pay salaries, classroom rent, printing costs, room or board for students, graduation costs, or any other costs in overseeing a Missions campus. 

Do you believe God is calling you to oversee an International Campus?  If you meet the requirements, apply as an International Director in your nation. We appoint multiple Directors in each nation,  raising up as many laborers as possible for the Harvest.  

We look forward to working with you to reach your nation for Christ.  Kingdom come...  God's will be done!