What is a Mission Campus?

Host a Mission Campus program is being discontinued fall '23.  
Only Degree Online Campuses will be offered.  


Disregard following information.  Will be removed shortly.

What is KLU's vision?
To train students to reign in Life and MInistry

What is KLU's mission?
To provide Nationals in Developing Nations free Kingdom Biblical Studies.

What does KLU teach?  
Trransformational Kingdom minded Bible studies


What is a KLU Mission Campus?  
It is slightly different from an online campus.  Students meet together at Director's location.  The certicate studies is offered to Developing Nations at no cost to them.  

How do you become a Director?  
We do not build buldings, but we build lives.  Apply online and meet our criteria.  The Director determines the location for their students to study together.  The Director is given a username and passwords to access to the Mission Curriculum on the Student Portal.  The Director plays the videos on their computer to their students and holds class discussions etc.  


How do students register?  
With their Director.

Where do students study?  
They attend a class with their Director, participate is discussions and participate in ministry outreach.  There are no tests.  No grades.  No credits.  The studies are non-accredited.  

What do students receive upon completion of the studies?  
Certificate of Studies.  

How can a student earn a degree?
They can apply online.  Set up their payment plan online for degree studies.  

Why do we give the mission curriculum at no cost to Nationals?  
We are pleased to offer certain Kingdom Biblical studies to Developing Nations.  It is for the purpose of training them to go and reach their nation for Christ.  "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."  (Matthew 28:19)