What makes KLU unique?

Kingdom Life University has several distinctions that make us unique among colleges and universities. First, we are distinctly biblical in our theology. We believe the kingdom message mentioned 153 times in the New Testament is the end-time gospel of authority and power Jesus preached in Matthew 24:14 and Paul preached in Acts 28:31. Second, we help you become a master at understanding the bible book by book and chapter by chapter. You will write your own living commentary through the entire New Testament during your two-year associate degree. This will be a treasure of wisdom and knowledge you will use for the rest of your life.

What if I already have an Associate's degree, Bachelors's degree, or Masters's degree?

If you already have a degree from another approved college or university and just want to add an additional degree above your past studies, KLU can offer you the next level through our Accredited program. Your additional 60 hours with KLU takes you to your next level. Associate to Bachelors, Bachelors to Masters, Masters to Doctorate. And we now offer a PHD. (Our review committee simply needs to approve the present degree you hold) 

Why is KLU so affordable?

Colleges and universities are exceedingly costly and often leave students deep in debt after graduation. Our goal is for every student to be debt-free of their educational costs upon graduation, so  KLU offers low tuition as well as a 24-month affordable tuition payplan. 

Can I Transfer my Credits to Other Colleges and Universities?

It is up to each educational institute to set up its enrollment requirements. But we have a number of leading universities and colleges that have already signed full transfer agreements with KLU for all 60 credit hours of our studies. You can advance to your bachelor, master's, and doctorate degrees with these affiliated schools. KLU offers an  ACCREDITED associate degree through Bachelor, Masters & Doctorate and now PHD.

Can I take my entire studies with KLU online?

Absolutely! You can take your KLU degree on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. All lessons, materials, HD video courses, and tests are fully online. That means from your registration to graduation you can do it online. However, as live classrooms open up in churches, businesses, and homes, you can also attend, at no additional cost, those live classes with other students. That is one of your options with KLU. Also, you will be invited regularly to live "Online" classrooms where you can attend through your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Can I attend a full dress graduation ceremony upon completion of my studies? 

Yes! Since there are multiple campuses operating in many countries, you can attend the nearest campus graduation ceremony with a full cap and gown. You simply schedule to participate in one of the remote KLU campus graduations. (See the International list of KLU Directors and KLU campuses).

Can I take Additional Elective Courses After Completing my Basic Two Year Degree?

Yes. In fact, KLU is offering some exciting Kingdom Courses through additional professors in areas of Kingdom Aviation, Kingdom Health, Kingdom Counceling Training, Kingdom Worship, and other Kingdom Keys for further revelation. These are all accredited courses and offer additional credits for your continued education.

Can I Transfer My Credits from Other Schools I Have Attended?

Yes. KLU has a curriculum review committee that studies your previously completed courses and determines if they meet the standards of our accrediting association. If so, they are transferrable.

Can I Start My Studies Anytime?

Absolutely! Since KLU is online, there are no specific semesters or quarters to comply with. Your chosen degree studies start right after you register. 

Can I Accelerate my Studies to Less or More Than The Two Years Time Frame?

Yes. We have students that have completed the entire two-year studies in as little as 8 months. You really go your own pace. If you need to extend the studies for more than two years, it is fine. You simply pay for the 24 months regardless of how long it takes to finish your studies.

Can I Pay For My KLU Education Monthly?

Yes. You can pay monthly at $100.00 each month, or annually at $1,200. Whatever payment schedule fits your budget. You choose your payment plan when you register. After your registration, you immediately receive your username and password and begin your studies. The doctorate degree is $167.00 monthly. 

Can I receive my ministry license or ordination through KLU?

Yes. As part of the Action Evangelism worldwide Ministries, Kingdom Life University is authorized to present you with your ministry license at the end of your associte degree studies, and your ordination at the end of your Bachelor year.