Kingdom Life Ministers Association

We are excited to announce our new Kingdom ministers and leaders association. We believe everyone is called to ministry in their chosen life work. We feel it is vital in this hour for us to be connected in the Spirit with the people God joins with us. We believe everyone needs mentorship and connection to accomplish their destiny.  As a mentor and father in the faith, I have over 61 years of ministry experience.  This has resulted in special anointings from God through my obedience and years of faithfulness in the ministry.  When you join Kingdom Life Ministers Association, you will experience a father's blessing on your life and ministry.  Paul had Timothy.  Barnabus had Silas.  Titus and others were connected to Paul's life and calling.  Dr. Brandt carries a special anointing for world evangelism, missions, Kingdom discipleship. If you desire this in your  life and ministry, join Kingdom Life Ministers Association.
We look forward to connecting with you... Dr. Jerry Brandt

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