What Is an Online Campus?


What is KLU's vision?
To provide training for reigning in Life & Ministry

What is KLU's mission?
To provide affordable accredited Kingdom minded Biblical Studies

What is an online campus?  
The fusion of a campus and online studies.  

What does KLU teach?  
Revelation and transformation Kingdom Bible studies.   

How do I host a campus?
 It is easy.  You can have an online campus in your church, Sunday school, youth group, college group, home, friends, business or other possibliblies.  Your campus can be large or small.   Apply online for a campus.  Then, share the good news about your campus with potential students.  They register online and recieve access to their studies.  We oversee it.  

What does KLU offer students?  
Accreditited degree studies from Associate to Doctorate.  Students study at their own pace using their devices.  Everything is online.  Video courses.  Materials in pdf.  Tests, with online progress report.  Students order their degree online.  All degree studies are a pay program.  

What is a Student Portal?  
It is located on KLUonline. com.  Approved students recieve an email with their username and password.  Upon completion of studies, studemts order their degree online.

What about a graduation?
Arrange a graduation with Admin@kluonline.  They may be onsite, by zoom or  mail degrees to individual etc.

Reign with Christ!